About Alfie Atkins

Alfie is an ordinary little chap living with his good-natured, scatty father in a modern suburb which could be anywhere in the world. He is not very big and not very strong. And he prefers not fighting. He is cheerful and full of mischief, but he also has his moments of being angry, jealous, frightened of ghosts…

The books take in most things – from everyday troubles to life’s big questions. Any child can identify with Alfie, which perhaps explains why he is loved all over the world!

In Alfie’s world we also find his friends Milla, Viktor, Malcolm and Hamdi, and of course, Grandma, the cousins and Dad.

The Alfie-books

In late autumn of 1972 the very first book about Alfie Atkins was published; Good Night, Alfie Atkins. Since 2009 the book is an official classic – represented in Norstedts’ Tusen svenska klassiker and also in 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Die (Universe Publishing, New York).

Alfie Atkins has never left the Swedish book market. The books has been in print continuously for forty years. The print run totaled 9,6 million copies in about 30 languages (2019).

In addition to the books, Alfie Atkins has also through the years appeared in movies, on television, in a number of different theaters, in musicals and exhibits.

  • 1973 Very tricky, Alfie Atkins
  • 1972 Good Night, Alfie Atkins
  • 1975 Hurry Up, Alfie Atkins!
  • 1976 Alfie Atkins and secret Malcolm
  • 1976 Who’ll Save Alfie Atkins?
  • 1977 Very crafty Alfie Atkins!
  • 1978 Alfie and the Monster (GB)
  • 1978 Is that a Monster, Alfie Atkins? (US)
  • 1981 Are you chicken, Alfie Atkins?
  • 1982 What’s Alfie up to now?
  • 1983 Who’s Scaring Alfie Atkins?
  • 1984 Happy Alfie Atkins
  • 1985 You have a Girlfriend, Alfie Atkins?
  • 1986 A Party, Alfie Atkins!
  • 1987 Hocus-Pocus, Alfie Atkins!
  • 1988 Just Tie It, Alfie Atkins!
  • 1989 What did Mr Atkins Say?
  • 1991 There goes Alfie the Thief!
  • 1992 More Monsters, Alfie!
  • 1993 Three Cheers for Alfie’s Daddy!
  • 1994 ”Not Likely!” said Alfie Atkins
  • 1997 Fly with me said Alfie Atkins
  • 1998 Invisible with Alfie
  • 2002 How far does Alfie reach?
  • 2002 Alfie’s ABC
  • 2006 Alfie and the soldier daddy
  • 2010 Alfie Atkins with the Magic Sack
  • 2012 The Last to Laugh! Said Alfie’s Dad

Alfie’s name in various languages

Africaan – Dawie
Arabic – Burhan
Brazil – Ahlo Åberg
China – 阿尔菲·沃贝里
Denmark – Alfons Åberg
England/USA – Alfie Atkins
Faroe Islands – Álvur Ákason
Farsi – Alfons Åberg
Finland – Mikko Mallikas
France – Alphonse Aubert
Frisiska – Ate Attema
Germany – Willi Wiberg
Greece – Άλφονς
Holland – Alfons Alfrink
Iceland – Einar Áskell
Israel – Eliahu
Italy –  Alfons Aberg
Japan – Alfons

Kurdish – Alfons Oberg
Latvia – Alfons Obergu
Lulesamiska – Ábmut
Nordsamiska – Alfons Åberg
Norway – Albert Åberg
Poland – Albert Albertson
Romani – Ardom
Somalia – GuuledSuryoyoAlfons Åberg
Serbocroatic – Alfons Åberg
Spain – Alfonso
Sweden – Alfons Åberg
Sydsamiska – Aalfone
Tigrinya – Alfons
Turkey – Alfons Åberg
Wales – Ifan Bifan


Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre

Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre was established by a foundation in Gothenburg 2012, a creative centre with activities that are connected with children and child development. Read more here.