Where is Alfie’s mother?
No one really knows…She can be out shopping, doing the laundry, being on vacation or perhaps Alfie’s mother and father are divorced. She can even not be alive. It’s up to the reader’s imagination.

Where does Alfie live?
He lives in a tower block, in a modern suburb.

In which city does Alfie live?
Alfie lives in a large city – somewhere in the world. You, by your own, decides in which city he might live.

What is Alfie’s name in Swedish?
His name is Alfons Åberg.

How old is he?
His age varies depending on which story you read. In the book “You’re a sly one, Alfie Atkins!” he’s starting school and in other books he’s still in kindergarten.

When is Alfie’s birthday?
The 6th of August

What is the name of the author?
Gunilla Bergström is the author behind the books of Alfie Atkins. She both writes and illustrates all her stories.

How many Alfie books are there?
There are 26 books about Alfie Atkins. In addition to that there are also a few board books.

Which book is the latest released?
The latest book where released in 2012 and it’s called “The last to laugh! said Alfie’s dad”

Can Alfie read?
Just a little….

Does Alfie have any grandparents?
Yes! Alfie has a grandmother, an aunt and some other relatives.

In which year was Alfie created?
The first book came out in 1972.

What is Sissel up to when Alfie is in kindergarten?
Sissel is Alfie’s cat and he prefers to sleep all day long.

How old is Sissel?
Sissel is 5-6 years old.

What is the name of Alfie’s dad?
His name is Bertil.

How old is Alfie’s dad?
He is between 36-42 years old, it differs depending on which story you read.

Does Alfie have any girlfriend?
Alfie has a friend, a girl called Milla. He might have a small crush on her…

What is Alfie’s favourite things to do?
The most he likes to build on his tree house, play football with his friends, create fantasy worlds with his Lego or building blocks and dress up in funny costumes. He also likes to invent things such as long ropeways where you can send things across the room.

What is Alfie’s favourite food?
He prefers his grandma’s small pancakes with blueberry jam. Very important that it is SMALL pancakes and not big ones. And off course daddy’s homemade meatballs.

Does Alfie have any siblings?
Not that we know. Not yet anyhow 😉

What does Alfie’s dad do for a living?
He does carpentry and owns a business together with some others. They repair furniture, build wooden things and model buildings like small boats and stuff like that. They have an office and work-shop in a basement with planes, drilling machines and other things.

Can Alfie get angry?
Off course he gets angry, everyone gets angry sometimes (i.e. in Alfie and the monster)

What’s the name of Alfie’s cousins?
Bing and Benny

Does Alfie go to the hairdresser?
No, his dad trims his hair.

What is Alfie’s favourite animal?
Puppies, Sissel (his cat), turtles, hamster, white rats and camels (but dad will not allow him to buy one)

What is Alfie’s favourite colour?
Bright blue